Monday, February 25, 2008


After months of hype Beatsource is finally here.  Unfortunately I am waiting for my the payment from my last gig to clear before I buy more music, but a quick perusal of the store shows some serious potential.  Although they are lacking in some of the major releases, searches for Dr. Dre and Snoop were disappointing, they do have tons of underground and classic acapellas.  I am looking forward to checking it out and finding some key tunes.

-Charles Cushman

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mr. Orizo "Flat Beat"

A little tired tonight and couldn't pull my mind together for a solid post.  So here is a blast from the past thanks to Beatportal, Mr. Orizo's flat beat, one of the first techno songs that I wanted to own.

-Charles Cushman

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sean Nash

Over on the crack, I mean ALDJ I have met several great guys, but no one has inspired me like Sean.  A one time aldj, he has gone back to using CDJs for DJing, but is still using Ableton to produce with.  And produce he does.  It seems like at least once a week he has a new track that he is trying out, and each track is better than the rest.

What's really great is that a couple of his tracks have been released on an EP.  It just goes to show you that talent will be discovered.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Something for Nothing

Below is a posting that I cam across on Craig's List.  I found it to be, well, interesting.  As a sometime club DJ I am always interested in opportunities to DJ, and I have promoted parties at a loss just so that I could get in the door at a club.  However, as a mobile DJ I would never pay money to DJ.  It just does not make sense.  But that does not stop people from trying to get something for free.  In the posting below a couple is requesting a wedding DJ to play at their reception.  I understand being on a budget, my wife and I held our wedding in the backyard of her Dad's house.  Yet to ask for a professional to provide their services for free when you plan on having 200 guests....
This letter is for businesses that wish to branch out with new advertising ideas. We are thrilled to be getting married next year on August 30th. We have been together since our teenage years, now going on 6 years, and wish to start off our lives without wedding debt. I just graduated SDSU and am excited about my next venture and opportunities in life. My mom always dreamed of making me a fairy tale wedding but as a single hard working woman it has been difficult. Any help, products or services from you would relieve her of the pressure she is under. We will be having many of our young friends attending who will be great potential clients. I am well connected in my community through work and social events and would be thrilled to spread the word of your good deeds. How would you like to sponsor a portion of our wedding and reach new, exciting advertising avenues? This will be a large wedding with over 200 guests. We can discuss ways to promote your company if you partake in a part of our day such as limo, food, flowers, photography, videographer, linens, favors, chairs, chair covers, balloon or any free standing decorations, gazebo, DJ, etc. This will be a win-win situation for all involved. Not only will you showcase your fantastic work and /or products but also get the praise for it. You will be attaining priceless advertising for the day beforehand, during, and afterwards. Thank you in advance for making our day the best it could be.
a very hopeful and optimistic bride

Monday, February 18, 2008

EXY San Diego

Last Friday I DJed at EXY in downtown San Diego. EXY had a great vibe that reminded me of some of the restaurants that I loved in San Francisco. What really surprised me was their DJ set-up. I was not expecting much, but they had definitely thought ahead and planned for the laptop DJ. Both the mixer and the dual CD player were Denon. But what surprised me was that they had coupled the matrix input of the mixer with a patch panel.  Plugging in my sound card was a snap and once I selected the channels on the mixer I was up and running.  No digging in the back of the mixer.  Even better, for guys that brought their own TT's they had two channels set-up for that along with a grounding post.